Thursday, 25 September 2008

Where to next for advertising?

Today I was speaking to one of my classes about compassion fatigue in charity advertising, and how the visual grammar and connotations we have come to draw from some types of media content become devalued through over exposure.

I was delighted therefore to stumble across the following Guardian article about how new media technology is changing the ways advertisers target consumers, and use technology to create new platforms for communication. It's an excellent overview of how institutions are reacting and innovating in the face of fragmented audiences and changing media consumption habits. 

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oliviaemmerson said...

interesting article....
i believe that targeting your audience is very important, its interesting to see how the advertisers are connecting with their audience through social networking such as facebook or myspace. I often use these networks and i have to admit the adverts do catch my eye. It is so clever that advertisers can see what consumers are entering into search fields on sites and how they can analyse the patterns of what they are reading online.
I can see how they are really trying connecting with their audience and i think this is important moreover i agree with Derek Luddem that it is equally important to consider factors like the time of day or the age of the consumer.

Secondly i don't think behavioural targeting is threatening to consumers,i actually really appriciate the basic behavioural targeting such as, 'you bought this, so you may like this'. I also appriciate my loyalty cards to 'Boots' and 'Cafe nero' for example!