Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Never mind the on-screen action, feed me!

So, mobile phone operator Orange is aiming at the stomachs and cash-strapped wallets of its members in order to rustle up some tasty new consumer relationships.

It's coming up to five years since the Tel-Com began offering 2-for-1 cinema tickets to users of its mobile phone services, in what it's called Orange Wednesday. Users text a number and in return receive a code that gives them the second free ticket, when presented at participating cinemas.

A series of hilarious adverts has accompanied the campaign, which has proved successful. Evidently, with the recession taking a firm hold, Orange has partnered with Pizza Express to offer a more attractive proposition.

I'm not one to be a sucker for advertising, but a free pizza and cinema ticket sounds like a good deal in a harsh climate.

England Calling

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The snow had begun to fall heavily, so I made my return journey along the main road.

I drive this route to work every morning, but walking it threw up some unexpected surprises. This was the biggest.

Red telephone boxes, part of the quintessential view of Britain, have become a rarity these days. When everyone has a mobile, who needs a call box? So, I was rather delighted to find that the owner(s) of this house have acquired a telephone box and planted it in their front garden.

It was a welcome splash of colour in an otherwise monochromatic day.

Stark Trees, Harsh Skyline

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One unavoidable consequence of the weather was the merging of sky and earth.

I'd been walking for an hour when I glanced up the ridge to my left and saw these trees, defiantly making a stand against the elements.

It felt like someone had sucked the colour out of the day.

I like the closeness of the contrast between root, branch and ether.

Sheep in the landscape

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There are a number of flocks of sheep grazing near to where I live.

The snow covered ground didn't seem to bother them particularly.

They just burrowed down and dug out what they needed from the earth.

This fellow graced me with a piercing stare, just long enough for me to squeeze off a frame.

Horse in a lonely field

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School was cancelled yesterday because of heavy snowfall overnight.

Before I settled down to study for my MA I went out to capture some snowy photos.

As I trudged through the fields I came across this horse, taking shelter from the biting wind.

It sums up the strange feeling of desolation that descended on the valley, as the ground turned white and the sky remained resolutely grey.