Tuesday, 3 February 2009

England Calling

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The snow had begun to fall heavily, so I made my return journey along the main road.

I drive this route to work every morning, but walking it threw up some unexpected surprises. This was the biggest.

Red telephone boxes, part of the quintessential view of Britain, have become a rarity these days. When everyone has a mobile, who needs a call box? So, I was rather delighted to find that the owner(s) of this house have acquired a telephone box and planted it in their front garden.

It was a welcome splash of colour in an otherwise monochromatic day.


Don said...


Terrific photos and some very nice commentary. Thanks for sharing your walk.


Sacha van Straten said...

Thanks Don.

It's my pleasure. We so rarely see heavy snow in the south of England that it seemed a shame not to take some photographic memories.

Looking outside now, it seem the thaw has begun aleady.