Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Never mind the on-screen action, feed me!

So, mobile phone operator Orange is aiming at the stomachs and cash-strapped wallets of its members in order to rustle up some tasty new consumer relationships.

It's coming up to five years since the Tel-Com began offering 2-for-1 cinema tickets to users of its mobile phone services, in what it's called Orange Wednesday. Users text a number and in return receive a code that gives them the second free ticket, when presented at participating cinemas.

A series of hilarious adverts has accompanied the campaign, which has proved successful. Evidently, with the recession taking a firm hold, Orange has partnered with Pizza Express to offer a more attractive proposition.

I'm not one to be a sucker for advertising, but a free pizza and cinema ticket sounds like a good deal in a harsh climate.

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