Saturday, 7 February 2009

Web 2.0 - what it means to education

An interesting overview of what Web 2.0 means to educators. There are some excellent resource links.


Don said...

Watched it.
Liked it.
Learned from it.


Don said...

Here's a follow-up thought:

By the presenter's definition, I'm an immigrant: a non-native. However, far from being a bad thing, I think there's value in diversity.

I have an aunt who "immigrated" to Catholicism. She's one of the best Catholics I know.

As an immigrant, we have the ability to put on paradigms like hats. We can approximate the paradigm of the native, but they may not be able to approximate mine. Who has the richer view?

If viewpoints/paradigms are complementary and not competitive, instructors are well positioned to facilitate the learning of their students.

(We may not be able to be the know-it-all central authorities and dispensers of all knowledge that some teachers want to be, but I've never believed that's what great teaching has ever been about.)

Rant ended. ;-)