Thursday, 16 April 2009

iTunes U - free learning from the World

How Apple Makes It Happen

Apple's iTunes is one of the more popular music and video software programs. This has been driven by the remarkable popularity of the iPod range of content players.

What some teachers may not know is that it's also home to iTunes U, a free and growing library of online podcasts, video seminars and other material. Although it's aimed primarily at undergraduate level, nonetheless there's a lot of great material that can be used and adapted for secondary (K12) classes.

Apple has just announced that the UK's Tate gallery, plus France's Chateau de Versailles and Fondation Cartier have made content freely available to download.

One of the great advantages of iTunes U is that content can be taken away by students and viewed on PCs and iPods. Thus, this creates some great opportunities for individual learning assignments, either as homework or as part of a larger project.

iTunes is free to download onto a PC or Mac, and by subscribing to a feed from iTunes U, subscribers receive automatic updates straight into a mailbox within iTunes. 

It's a useful and free learning resource that's certainly worth a look-see.

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