Monday, 29 June 2009

Men in Mac?

A little bit of insane fun. It's been a long day after all.

Here's a great advert, featuring an unsuspecting French employee and a trans-galactic Mac book.

MacBook transforms and ... well just watch it's AWESOME!


Steve Gravano said...

Cool Video. My mac is getting chained to the table.

Sacha van Straten said...

Good plan. I've lost one Mac already through sloppy tethering!

Dan Felstead said...

Awesome video...I am sending this to my Mac addicted son! Actually my next computer will be Mac as well...can't wait for this one to break!


Sacha van Straten said...

Hi Dan,

Although I use both PC and Mac for work I must confess that a Mac is ever so good for photographic and video based work.

I just got the new Mac Book Pro last week and it's amazing looking at photos and videos on the much improved LED screen. It's got 4gig of RAM and is flying along with my 50 meg HDR TIFF files. Very impressive for a laptop.

My technician got a new 24 inch iMac at the same time and if I could I'd have one of those at home too. Just wonderful for looking at multiple copies of photos or other design documents. Needless to say, he's one happy boy at work!