Thursday, 18 December 2008

A connected world brings sweet music

The rise of social web networking surely must mean that the Six Degrees of Separation theory has become more realistic than ever before?

I pose the question because of a small chain of events that happened today. It goes like this:

1. I read an article on the Guardian website, revealing that Jonathan Ross has started using Twitter, the micro blogging site, where users can post short SMS-type updates on what they're doing.

2. I go to Jonathan's Twitter site and post a response to his question, 'which song should I play first when I return to radio presenting in the New Year?' Remember that Ross and comedian Russell Brand found themselves in hot water earlier in the year, when they left obscene messages on the answerphone of the actor Andrew Sachs. Brand quit his BBC Radio 2 job and Ross was suspended for 12 weeks.

3. My post is picked up by a band I've not come across before,  Georgia Wonder. They start to follow my postings.

4. I get a link from their Twitter page to a website offering bands the chance to find an audience and build a relationship - Reverbnation. Following a brief registration process, I am able to download a handful of songs by Georgia Wonder, and think they are fantastic. Now, I'm here, writing to you, to say that the band are well worth a listen. Reverbnation is worth checking out too. It's interesting because when you sign up, there's an option to become a 'street volunteer', handing out flyers etc, for the band you like. It's another example of how the virtual web is beginning to find ways to link audiences and producers together, via shared interests, in a physical sense. In a knowledge economy, financial reward isn't the only currency - free tickets, a sense of belonging and self-worth all acquire a transferable value.

5. Having completed this post I am going to post a link to it on Twitter and the Georgia Wonder website. This in turn might bring them and interested audience members to my blog. 

6. Who knows what contacts may arise as a consequence?


TesoriTrovati said...

Hi Sacha-
I think it is very intriguing, this idea of connectedness. How else would it explain how I found your blog and you found mine? This is exactly what I was hoping for with my writing, to inspire creativity in others who will in turn inspire it in more people. I am pleasantly surprised when someone finds me, because my blog is not just read by my best friend but from people half way across the world from me! I will be interested to hear more about this little experiment of yours. I don't think I plan to delve into Twitter, but I have been known to hang out on Facebook from time to time. I might check out Reverbnation and that band you mentioned, too. Thanks for the great insights! Erin, TesoriTrovati

Sacha van Straten said...

Hi Erin,

I signed up to Twitter ages ago and found it too intrusive and annoying.

24 hours on from my last dalliance and I'm not convinced it's my cup of tea.

Georgia Wonder are fantastic and very worth listening to. On reverbnation you can download most of their EP for free, just by registering.

I'm sort of tired with Facebook as well, although it's a great way to keep in touch with my students.

Currently I'm playing/researcing with some interesting applications that pull together all of the different online utilities I like - e.g. Blogger, Flickr, YouTube etc.

We've had content aggregators foe news, as an example, for some time. The next stage, it seems to me, is to have aggregators that gather different online aspects of ourselves.

I'll be posting my findings in the near future.